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Types of Akitas

Did you know that there are two types or strains of the Akita dog breed? The two strains are known as the Japanese Akita and the American Akita. The Akita originated in Japan developing from dogs on the island of Honshu, which is part of the Akita prefecture. The Akitas were seen as a symbol of health and well being. Instead of giving flowers to the sick or to families expecting a baby, the Japanese people would give small statues of the Akita. The Akita was mostly kept for the royal households. The American Akita developed from an Akita first brought to the U.S. in 1936 by Helen Keller. The Akita was given as a gift to Helen while visiting Japan. By 1939 the breed standard was established in the U.S. The American line has since grown. Your veterinarian Greenwood, IN can give you more details.

Types of Akitas


Ways To Increase Your Cat’s Appetite

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Cats have fewer taste buds than humans and dogs, thus they don’t possess a particularly keen sense of taste. The appeal of their meal mainly comes from the scent of the food. Foods that are bland and unscented are unlikely appealing to your kitty. Thus it is important to feed foods with aromas that appeal to your cat’s senses so he will be interested to eat it.

Like people, cats differ in their tastes. Some love fish-based diets, while others prefer specific types of meat. When you are still trying to figure out which foods your cat prefers, take note which ones he devours eagerly and which ones he turns his nose at. A cat’s preferences can change over time so you should try to introduce a wide variety of flavors or change pet food brands every now and then.

Asking assistance from your Warminster, PA veterinary clinic will also go a long way in addressing any concern you may have about your pet.

Ways To Make Life Better For Your Arthritic Dog

Arthritis is a painful condition characterized by inflammation of the joints. Most cases of arthritis in dogs occur among those that are in their golden years.  If your pet is suffering from arthritis, he will need all the help and care that you can give so he will be able to enjoy life to the fullest. Here are some ways to make life better for your arthritic canine buddy.

  • Some arthritic dogs have mobility and stability problems. Place rugs around the house to give them traction, and prevent them from slipping or sliding, which can be dangerous.
  • Canine massage, when done correctly, can ease sore muscles, reduce stress, and lower blood pressure. This is also a good way to bond with your pet, as well as an opportunity to check your dog’s body for any lumps and sore spots.
  • Just like in humans, acupuncture can help stimulate and boost the body’s ability to release pain-relieving substances that also possess anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Heating pads can relieve the aches of inflamed joints and sore muscles.

Asking assistance from your Oconomowoc, WI veterinary clinic will also go a long way in addressing your pet’s problem. Click here to know more about pet health and behavior.

Tips When Sharing People Food To Your Dog

Some pet owners love sharing some of their food with their dogs. However, table scraps or leftover food should never be a substitute to premium quality pet food. Giving all of your leftover food from your plate to your dog’s food bowl is not the healthiest way to give table scraps to your pooch. If your dog is used to eating dry pet food, he may end up with an upset stomach if you suddenly give considerable amounts of new foods. If you really want to give your pet a taste of your food, start giving food that is similar in composition to his pet food diet, i.e. chicken, beef, or plain noodles, and slowly introduce  new food to his diet.

Feeding small amounts of your food to your pooch will help you balance your pet’s caloric intake from meal to meal. It will also be easier for you to identify the potential cause if your pet suffers from an upset stomach. It is recommended to introduce one new type of food every couple of days to let your pet’s stomach adjust without any adverse reactions.

Know more about your dog’s nutritional needs by visiting your Paramus, NJ veterinarian.

Common Triggers Of Canine Asthma

Most cases of asthma in dogs are often viewed as an allergenic condition. Thus, there are periods of flare-ups and situations that are worse than others; a dog can also go without symptoms for months before he suffers from another bout of asthma attack.

Since asthma is commonly triggered by potential allergens in the dog’s environment, taking steps to identify these external triggers can help you prevent or reduce your pet’s exposure, as well as manage asthma attacks.

One important trigger of asthma attacks in dogs is dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that are almost always present to some degree even in houses that are regularly cleaned. In addition to regular cleaning and proper disposal of dirt and dust, the use of HEPA air filter, anti-static dusters and cloth wipes can help keep the level of dust mites to a minimum.

Frequent bouts of asthma attacks should be brought to the attention of your Tualatin, OR veterinarian. Click on this link for more pet care info.

Instances When Diarrhea May Actually Be Necessary In Pets

Cases of diarrhea in dogs should NOT ALWAYS be a cause for worry. Sometimes a dog suffers from diarrhea because something is wrong with the animal’s digestive system and his body is trying get rid of the problem.

There are instances when diarrhea is the natural method of the body to get rid of a problem. A dog that has ingested something that is toxic, or has consumed something that does not agree with his body may suffer from loose bowel movement, which in this case, is a symptom of the problem and also the cure.

When you choose to administer medicines to stop or curb diarrhea, you are interfering with the body’s process of getting rid of the substance that is causing the problem. This can actually conceal the problem, and even make it worse, leading to bouts of diarrhea that can be harder to diagnose and address later on.

Asking assistance from your Katy, TX veterinary clinic will also go a long way in addressing the problem. Click here to know more about your pet’s needs and set an appointment.

Why Are Cat Eyes so Reflective in Pictures?

Why Are Cat Eyes so Reflective in Pictures

The internet is full of adorable pictures of cats, but every time you go to take a picture of your kitty, you end up with glowing eyes! Why are cat eyes so reflective in pictures anyway?

As is the case with most creatures that do the majority of their hunting when the sun goes down, the back of cat eyeballs include a reflective layer called the tapetumlucidum. This special layer helps your cat see better when the light is low by reflecting what little light there is in a sort of mirror, providing them with a second opportunity to absorb light. Unfortunately, when you take a picture of your feline, this reflective layer is likely to go into overdrive and become reflective.

If you don’t want your cat’s eyes to glow in pictures, turn the flash off of your camera. For more tips, call your Animal Hospital Myrtle Beach SC.

Does My Siamese Cat Need a Reflective Collar?

Does My Siamese Cat Need a Reflective Collar
Buying a reflective collar may be a good idea for your Siamese cat if she spends a lot of time outdoors. If you live in a rural area where hunting season occurs at various times of the year then you should especially invest in a bright reflective collar for your cat. Wearing bright or orange colors when outdoors is a signal to hunters that you or your pet is not prey. In addition, a reflective collar can help make your Siamese cat more visible if she’s outdoors after dark or on rainy or gloomy days. A reflective collar is more of a safety precaution then a fashion accessory so it doesn’t need to be overly detailed. A simple reflective stripe on the collar is all it takes to keep your cat visible. Just make sure the collar is a nice fit and has a little give. Talk to your vet Greenville, SC for more additional information.