What Makes a Dog Bad?

Dogs are great companion animals, but they aren’t always perfect little angels. What causes a dog to turn bad?

Although you may be tempted to tell your dog that he’s bad, most dogs aren’t really bad at all. Instead, they are behaving in a way that’s completely natural for a dog. For example, if your dog is bored and has a lot of pent up energy, he’s likely to topple the garbage can or chew on your shoes.

Even dogs that bite and growl aren’t necessarily bad. Instead, they’ve been conditioned to behave in a certain way. You can see this a lot with dogs that are neglected, or dogs that have participated in fighting rings.

Instead, you should consider the behavior bad, not the dog! For tips on bringing out the best in your pooch, click here, or contact your veterinarian Tri-Cities, MI.

What Makes a Dog Bad


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