How to Hold a Parakeet?

Parakeets are intelligent and affectionate birds. However, they can be wary of humans. By slowly building trust with your parakeet, you will be able to have a closer, hands-on relationship.

Since a parakeet can be suspicious and intimidated with people, you must learn how to hold it properly.

First, you need to spend more time with your bird. By putting his cage close to you while you do household chores or watch TV, your bird will become familiar with your presence. When he gets used to you, you won’t be perceived as a threat by your pet.

With a few seeds on the palm of your hand, slowly insert your open hand into the bird’s cage. Speak softly and calmly to your bird for about 5-10 minutes. He may not respond to you for the first few times but continue with the sessions. Some birds take weeks before actually eating out of the palm of their owners.

As your parakeets gets used to eating out of the palm of your hand, hold your index finger out in front of your pet bird, so he can step onto it. If he hesitates, gently press your index finger against the bird’s belly or breast, to encourage him to perch on your finger.

Bring your parakeet to an East Greenwich veterinarian for a regular wellness check. Click on this link to know more about your pet’s needs and set an appointment.


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