When You Should Consider Having Your Cat Spayed or Neutered

The time for you to spay or neuter your cat comes if you really don’t want kittens running around your home. A female cat will go into heat when she wants to engage in relations with a male cat, and spaying her would reduce her sexual inclinations.

A male cat is always on the hunt for a female, and would mount a female at the first given opportunity available, but neutering a male cat will reduce their desire and remove their ability to impregnate a female cat.

Your vet Fayetteville can provide you with more information with regards to spaying and neutering your cat(s), and prevent them from engaging in any unwanted activities with other cats. The website can be found right here.

Oftentimes unwanted baby kittens are left at animal shelters, hence the overabundance of not just cats, but dogs as well.


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