Introducing Cats to Other Cats

You have an older cat that’s set in its ways, and you’re unsure about introducing another cat to your home, risking disruption of the bond you and your current cat share, should be a consideration.

It is a good idea that you acquire a cat from an animal shelter as opposed to a pet store, as pet store cats, depending on many factors of their upbringing and their parents, can be in the same condition as if you found a stray on the street.

When introducing a cat to a cat that’s already in your home, it is preferred that they have similar personalities. A frail, old cat would not enjoy a zippy kitten who is very excited all the time. The older cat would view the younger cat as if there was something wrong with it as it moved around the house in a very playful manner.

The vet Cedar Park can help you determine what cat is right for you, and for the cat you have now, to avoid friction between the two felines. Click here to find out more on this subject.


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