Is it Possible for my Ragdoll to Feel Guilt?

Is it possible for your Ragdoll to feel guilt? Yes and no. Yes, your Ragdoll is most likely smart enough to figure out when she’s done something wrong. For instance, if she knocks over a glass of water on the table or spills a bag of food then she may run and hide. That may be a since of guilt or it may just be that she scared herself. Some experts believe that cats may act like they are experiencing guilt, but in reality they are acting off of the owners emotions and are most likely scared. As with dogs, the guilt appearance may simply be an indication of fear or confusion or even manipulation to get what the cat wants. Cats are smart creatures and have a variety of different expressions and emotions, but that doesn’t mean they feel guilt. If you want to learn more about your cat’s emotions, call your vet Ellicott City, MD. Click this link for more details:

Should my Burmese Cat have a Dry Nose?

Whether or not your cat has a dry or wet nose has a lot to do with your cat’s general health and makeup. Some cats, like the Burmese, may have dry noses all of the time. While other cats, even the Burmese, may have wet noses all of the time. The best thing to do is to contact your vet and schedule a first time visit to find out about your cat’s overall health and wellness and whether or not a dry or wet nose is good for your cat. Knowing which to expect can help you spot an illness early on in your cat. For instance, if your cat’s nose tends to be dry then a suddenly wet nose may signal an illness or vice versa. If you’re in doubt about your cat’s health, try to look for other symptoms and always call your veterinarian Columbia, MD for a consult or to schedule a checkup.

A GPS Tracker for your British Shorthair

Are you always losing track of your British Shorthair? Does he sometimes go out in the morning and refuse to return in the evening? Have you ever just lost track of your cat in your home? What about outdoors? You know the feeling, one minute your cat is chasing a chipmunk and the next he’s completely disappeared. Cats can get lost. They can get turned around and confused easily when coming across new territory. It can be a scary and difficult task to teach your cat to stay and not to run off. However, a GPS tracker can help. Several companies have introduced cat friendly GPS collars to help owners keep track of their cat. The tracker links with any smart phone and can tell you in seconds what your cat’s location is. If you think this is something your cat needs, consult with your vet services Columbia, MD.

How Could my Somali Cat Get Gingivitis?

Just because your Somali cat gets gingivitis it doesn’t mean that you’re not a great owner or that you take care of your cat. Gingivitis can sneak up quickly on people or animals. Whether your cat is young or old, you need to try your best to clean your cat’s teeth on a routine basis. Feeding healthy dental snacks recommended by your vet is also a good idea. Keeping plaque and calculus build up is one of the best ways to prevent gingivitis. However, even with the best care and intentions, the disease can still rear its ugly head. Signs to look out for include swelling of the gums, inflammation of the gums and/or mouth, and bad breath. Don’t be embarrassed for yourself or your cat. If you notice these symptoms, just call your veterinary clinic Columbia, MD and he can help you and your cat. Or visit this link:

Choosing food for your dog


Your dog is an important part of your life, and you want to make sure he gets all the nutrients he needs through his daily diet. How can you choose a food for him that will give his body everything it needs?

There are many high-quality foods on the market, and you can even make your own food for your pet if you are adventurous enough. It’s important to keep things as natural as you can, and to think about everything your pet is eating as a whole. For example, you may find an excellent food option, but it may be lacking in one essential area. Instead of forgoing all the great things this can offer your pet, try to see if you can offer him a treat that can supplement his regular food and pick up where it leaves off. For more information, please contact your local Greenwood, IN vet.

Keeping Your Dog From Jumping Up on People


Dogs that jump up on people were probably encouraged to do that while they were puppies. However, jumping up isn’t fun at all now that your dog is fully grown. You will need to discourage your dog from jumping up and give him something more appropriate to do. Whenever your dog jumps up on you, turn around quickly so that he falls to the floor. Once all four feet are on the floor, give your dog a food treat and lots of praise. Repeat this procedure and encourage family members and friends to do the same. Never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. Soon your dog will get the message that jumping up on people is not allowed. Anticipate when your dog will jump up and insist he sit by you instead. If he is sitting by you, he can’t be jumping up on people. Learn more from your Moorpark, CA veterinary clinic.

Keep Your Dog From Begging at the Table


Most dogs that beg do so because it works. Your dog begs and you give him food. Thus the first step to get your dog to stop begging for food is to never give him food when he begs. Ensure that all family members and guests follow this simple rule. Insist that your dog sit or lie down while you are eating so he is well below the level of the table. You may need to move him to the other side of the room or another room to control the whining. Consider feeding your dog his food in his bowl while you are eating so he gets the food without the begging part. Praise your dog if he gets through a meal without begging. Never yell at your dog or punish him while he is learning. Be patient. Learn more from your Covington, GA veterinary clinic.

Designer Dogs


Designer dogs are all the rage and although they are a mix of several breeds, they are not mutts. A mutt or your standard mixed breed is generally the result of two dogs mating and could be pure bred or mixed breeds themselves. This leads to inconsistency from litter to litter. A designer dog is a careful breeding of two pure-bred dogs of different breeds such as a Golden Retriever with a Poodle. These breedings have been testing so they result in fairly consistent results. You can get a general idea of what your dog’s temperament will be like and his general look and size. However, when choosing a designer dog, ensure that you can live with either of the contributing breeds since your pup may favor one of the breeds over the other. Checking out both parents can help you understand what kind of puppy you will get. Learn more from your Flushing, MI veterinary clinic.

Brushing your pet

Brushing your pet

Your pet relies on you in many different ways, and she needs your help in staying healthy and comfortable. This means that you need to keep up with all her care needs, like regular brushings.

To get the most out of the time you are spending brushing her, make a point to seek out a brush that is made to work with your pet’s fur type. There are a lot of different kinds of brushes, and you will need to choose one that you are comfortable using and your pet enjoys being brushed with. Try to make this a relaxing activity for her. Every pet will need to be brushed at different intervals, so think about your pet’s shedding habits when considering how often she will need to be brushed. Your local esteemed veterinary clinic Lafayette LA  can help you care for your pet.

Your pet and visits to the vet

Your pet and visits to the vet

Your pet is a wonderful part of your life, and caring for he is something that you take great pride in. Because you want him to get all the medical attention he needs, you have found the ideal veterinarian for him. How often should you bring him into the office?

Your pet will need to head into the vet’s office regularly, as he will need both well-visits and to be seen for extenuating circumstances. If your pet is getting sick or get injured, he will need to be seen by his vet to make sure he is on a care plan that will get him back to his normal, happy self. Preventative care is focused on during well-visits, as well as addressing any issues that have arisen since his last appointment. These will likely be once or twice a year depending on your veterinarian and your pet’s needs. Your local most recommended Lafayette, LA vet clinic can offer additional advice.