Dominance Issues in Dogs

Dominance Issues in Dogs

Some pet owners inadvertently boost their pet dog’s attempt to be the alpha leader of the household. For example, a dog is allowed to sleep on the couch or chair whether they are around or not. In the wild, the leader of the pack sleeps on a spot that is located higher than the rest of the pack. Thus, allowing your pet to sleep on elevated places will show him that you are accepting his dominance.

The pack leader should be consistent in making sure that rules are followed by the members of the pack. They should never allow opportunities where their dog can have the chance to assume the leadership of the pack. If your dog insists on sleeping on the couch, you can put blunt plastic spikes on the couch to discourage him. The blunt spikes will make it uncomfortable for him to stay and sleep on the couch or sofa.

Don’t hesitate to seek the advice of your certified veterinarians Oshawa ON if you are dealing with aggressive behavior and other dominance issues exhibited by your dog.


Feather Plucking In Pet Birds

Feather Plucking In Pet Birds

Birds that pluck their feathers may be suffering from an underlying health or behavioral problem. The bird owner has to take steps to identify the problem so it can be addressed appropriately.

Skin and nutritional problems can cause birds to pick at their feathers. Thus the first step to take is to bring your pet to your vet to determine if the behavior is caused by an underlying health issue.

Feather plucking may also be caused by boredom or stress. Birds are intelligent creatures and they will benefit from having lots of opportunities for physical and mental stimulation; these will provide positive avenues to burn excess energy.

Skin problems and irritations can also trigger feather plucking in pet birds. Some important predisposing factors of skin problems include poor nutrition, humidity, and allergies.

When addressing feather plucking issues, your first stop should be your recommended vet Oshawa ON; but if given a clean bill of health, the problem may be caused by a behavior issue.

Depression In Dog – Dogs And Their Mood Swings

Depression In Dog – Dogs And Their Mood Swings

Yes, dogs can also have mood swings; they can also get depressed, too. The following signs can indicate that a dog is suffering from depression. Pet owners should be able to spot early signs of the problem so it can be brought to the vet’s attention as early as possible.

Signs of depression in dogs

  • Like people who are depressed, dogs suffering from depression become remote and prefer to spend the time alone in his ‘den’ or doggie bed rather than interacting with other pets or their owners.
  • A depressed dog loses interest in activities that he normally looks forward to, like visits to the dog park, Frisbee, or leash walks.
  • Your once sociable dog may wander off aimlessly.
  • A depressed dog may have a sudden change in appetite and eating patterns. This can eventually cause significant loss in weight. However, there are also depressed dogs that suddenly have increase in appetite, which can cause excessive gain in weight.
  • There are also distinct changes in their sleeping patterns; some depressed dogs spend more time sleeping than usual, while others are unable to sleep well.

Depression may also be an important symptom of an underlying health problem, thus you should schedule an appointment with your trustworthy animal hospital Oshawa ON so your pet can be examined thoroughly.

Potty Accidents in Pet Cats – Litter Box Issues May Be The Culprit

kitten in blue plastic litter cat

Did you know that a closer look at your kitty’s litter box can provide a lot of clues as to why they keep committing potty accidents? Here are some common issues that cats may have about their litter box that cause them to look for other places to do their business in:

  • The litter box itself

There are several factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a litter box which include the size, height, with or without cover, etc.; don’t pick the first one on the shelf or the one that catches your eye.

  • Litter

Cats have an extremely keen sense of smell and may not like litter that’s scented. Although a certain type of litter may appeal to you, your kitten may not share the same opinion as yours, thus he starts avoiding the litter box and go potty somewhere else.

  • Maintenance of the litter box

Cats have fussy habits and this extends to the cleanliness of their litter box. Contents of the litter box should be scooped at least 2-3 times a day and the litter box should be cleaned daily to prevent the buildup of any undesirable odor.

Any change in your pet’s potty habits must be brought to the attention of your Oshawa, ON veterinarian because it can also be due to an underlying health issue. Click here for more information.

Preparing for disasters with your pet

Your pet means the world to you, and it’s important that you are able to take good care of her regardless of the state of your neighborhood. How can you prepare for disasters in your area?

Make sure you are aware of what is likely to happen in your neck of the woods, and estimate the likelihood of these events. Based on this information, prepare for yourself and your pet. This will likely mean taking the time to have additional supplies on hand in case you can’t get to the store like you normally would, and you should also have a bag or two packed with supplies in case you need to head somewhere else for the time being. Think about having a back-up plan in case you can’t get to your pet when you plan to, like having a neighbor come by and check on him. Your local Greenwood, IN vet can offer additional suggestions.

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Winter and your pet’s paws

Winter will be here soon, and you want to make sure your outdoor loving pet will be ready. You know that his paws can really be impacted by the coming of the colder weather. What should you keep an eye out for?

Your pet’s paws are very sensitive, and this means that drastic temperatures can be harmful. Ice and snow can be very cold on his paw pads and it can be downright unhealthy for him to be spending time on them without any form of protection. Salt used to coat roadways and sidewalks can get stuck in your pet’s paw pads and irritate them. Consider deterring him from trouble spots, and offering him a barrier between his paws and the winter world around him, like a pair of booties. Your best vets Greenwood, IN can help you better understand your pet.

Exercising with your canine companion

Your dog is a great friend, and spending time with him brings you a great amount of joy. You know you both need some exercise to stay fit and healthy. Can you exercise with your pet?

There is a very large difference between dog breeds, and this includes their capabilities for physical exercise. While some dogs may love to head out for a run with you, others will find this overwhelming. Take the time to determine what your pet needs for movement each day, and determine how you can work with this to get some exercise yourself. This may mean taking a few short walks during the day, a single longer jog, or simply enjoying some time moving about in your backyard together while playing. Your local Indianapolis, IN vet can help you offer your pet a wonderful place to call home. Or call your vet.

Keeping your dog safe in the car

Your dog loves to head out for a ride with you every now and then, and you enjoy his company a lot. However, you know that there are certain hazards that come with him riding in your car alongside you. How can you keep him safe in your vehicle?

Your pet is a wonderful part of your family, and it’s important that you keep him safe just like any other member. Be sure to abide by any local regulations regarding traveling with a pet, as these may help you keep your pet out of harm’s way. Make sure he has a comfortable space of his own in your vehicle, and that he can’t reach any control panels from this area. Offer him what he needs to stay calm during the drive, like a favorite item to offer him some comfort during the drive. Your local Indianapolis, IN veterinarian can offer additional suggestions. Visit this site to learn more:

Is your family ready for a pet?

Your family loves being able to spend time with animals, and they are thinking about bringing a pet into the household so they can care for a furry friend full-time. How can you tell if you are ready for this?

You will need to talk with your whole family about the idea of bringing a pet into your home. This is because it will impact the lives of everyone in your household, and they will all need to be on board with the decision. If this is the case, consider your lifestyle. Try to think about what type of pet will fit into the home and lives you already have, and talk about how each one of a potential pet’s needs will be met. If all the details line up, you may be ready to welcome a pet into your home. For more information, please call your veterinarian Indianapolis, IN.

Helping your overweight dog lose weight


Your dog is an important part of your life, and you want him to be as healthy as he can be. However, he has become a bit overweight. How can you help him get back in shape?

Your pet needs to be able to relax and enjoy himself in order to comfortably become a healthier version of himself. Help him understand that his needs will be met be being consistent with your care. This will help him understand that he can stop eating when he feels full, and that he doesn’t need to keep looking for ways to meet his needs. This way, he can focus on really enjoying his walks and playtime. Be sure to offer him ways to lead a healthy lifestyle and to encourage him to do so. For more information, please contact your local Scottsdale, AZ vet.